Application Process

All applicants are required to:
  • file an application in writing,
  • be a citizen of the Slovak Republic,
  • be older than 18 years,
  • have a clean criminal record,
  • be reliable,
  • meet educational requirements for a specific position, i.e. secondary school (a school leaving exam passed) or university graduate,
  • be medically, physically and mentally capable of performing service,
  • speak Slovak,
  • be a permanent resident of the Slovak Republic,
  • cancel a membership in any political party or movement on the day of joining the civil service,
  • be legally capable in a full scope,
  • terminate any paid office, close any business or income-earning activity, membership in management or supervisory boards of legal entities on the day of joining the civil service.
A person is not considered irreproachable
  • if he/she was legally convicted of an intentional criminal offence and was legally sentenced without suspension.
A person is not considered reliable if he/she
  • provably consumes excessive dozes of alcoholic drinks or,
  • consumes drugs, psychotropic drugs or substances that can cause drug addiction or,
  • cannot guarantee a due performance of civil service or,
  • was dismissed from a previous civil service due to specific legally defined reasons.

Any SIS applicant must undertake a security vetting before joining the Service to have authorisation to be acquainted with classified information up to “Top Secret“.

Any SIS officer must be a holder of a valid certificate authorising him/her to be acquainted with classified information of the highest classification level “Top Secret“.

Medical Capability is assessed upon medical examinations.

Mental Capability is assessed upon psychological examinations conducted by psychological experts of the Service.

Physical Capability is evaluated upon physical tests. Men over 50 and women over 40 are not subject to this test.

Application procedure starts when an applicant files an application form to the Slovak Information Service and completes once a decision on hiring an officer to the Slovak Information Service is issued or such application is withdrawn or rejected without reasoning.