About SIS


Main Features

SIS is a central intelligence and security service of the Slovak Republic that guarantees intelligence protection of the country. SIS is a civil intelligence and security service established under the SIS Act 46/1993 Coll. that defines its tasks, position, organisation, external oversight system by the National Council of the Slovak Republic, obligations and rights. Within the scope of its competence and powers, SIS collects, gathers and assesses intelligence. Following the conditions provided in the Act, it also exercises its active security prevention-related powers. Intelligence activity of SIS is built on the principles of an integrated state intelligence model. It covers foreign intelligence, counter-intelligence and technical intelligence. SIS uses HUMINT, SIGINT and OSINT.

To reach intelligence operational activity targets, the law authorises SIS to exercise authorities and powers of special nature. It concerns special powers for technical intelligence means and operational intelligence means. Special SIS powers also involve special financial means and front organisations that contribute to efficient and clandestine collection of intelligence in unsafe operational environments. In compliance with the Act, SIS may use such invasive rights and means strictly in line with the scope of legal conditions permitting invasion of rights and freedoms of citizens. Therefore, their implementation is subject to legally defined oversight.